Connecticut Dog Owner Reports Intimidation by Police

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The owner of a pet dog seized by the authorities 8 months ago in Colchester, CT, has reported a verbal warning from a concerned police official who is related to the case; the officer allegedly threatened her to stay quiet about the case.

A Facebook post by The Lexus Project, the non-profit representing the dog in court, says that the owner of the dog feels threatened because the police have told her not to go public with this case as it would be in her best interest.

Stella along with her canine companion Tazzy was seized by the authorities in December 2011 after cops raided their house over breach of peace complaint and physically handled the owner. One of the dogs came to defend their owner which made the police turn on the dogs and soon after the incident, both dogs were seized by the animal control. While Tazzy was released a few months ago, Stella has been kept caged and moved to some undisclosed location by the police. Tazzy upon his release was also reportedly in poor condition as if had been subject to abuse or neglect in captivity. The owner has not been allowed to see her dog since Stella was taken captive despite one called Sgt. Petruzzi writing to people that the dog was allowed visitation.

The Lexus Project wrote that there is a hearing in the Federal Court scheduled for Tuesday seeking an order releasing Stella from the abuse she is suffering at the hands of the Colchester Pound. It tells that besides the specific dogs, they are seeking to end the illegal detention of all dogs being held for months on end waiting for constitutionally mandated hearings that the State of Connecticut intentionally delays for unreasonable amounts of time.

For updates on this case, follow the Facebook page Save Stella and Tazzy.

30 Responses to Connecticut Dog Owner Reports Intimidation by Police

  1. Heidi

    This is outrageous! This pound is well known for the abuse of animals under it’s care. These dogs need to be released immediately and the animal control officer, Bill Paul needs to be held accountable for the abuse of animals under his care.

  2. Heidi

    Colchester Animal Control Officer:
    Bill Paul
    Phone: 860-917-0567

  3. jessie

    There is no use for this :/ poor puppies, i hope that these people get their dog back and that the officials realize how wrong they are!

  4. Joellyn Mumcian

    Good Luck to the Lexus project. I hope they can prevail in this case, and that Stella can be returned to her home. I hope she is allright. I don’t want to see another situation like Lennox, and we all knew how that came out. Poor Stella, she was only doing her job

  5. Kelly Childers

    IF the police are charged to serve an protect, how is that being done in this case? IF the court system serves to dispense justice, I do not see any justice here?! Fascism maybe…
    Threats and intimidation, keeping animals in undisclosed locations…not where I come from!

  6. Lese

    And why is it that no one is standing up to these pieces of S**t. Who the F do they think they are to manipulate their right to wear a badge or work with animals! Get rid of these pos! and what is up with the councilors over there?! Get a back bone and do your damn jobs! Vote them out of office they are useless cowards. Release the dog morons! You may be able to keep the owner quiet with your bullying but some of us aren’t so intimated by you. Spread the word and expose these POS! It’s now all over facebook and The Lexus Project has had this case! That poor dog better be in one piece and returned home healthy. At this point, anything less than that is unacceptable and will NOT be tolerated!!! We The People, we be relentless in finding everyone who is responsible, exposing them publicly, making sure they are released of their duties since they suck at their jobs and making sure it is all over the INTERNET! How dare anyone have that much power to bully another person! Disgusting POS is all they are! Now thier stupid asses are all over the internet across the world! Brovo jerk offs!

  7. Roxanne

    And people don’t believe this is becoming a police state??!!! Animal activists can be detained as terrorists under new laws and these dogs can be held under inhumane conditions until a court gets involved if the owners can get any help!!! Now, the police kind of insinuate you better keep quiet. This is our taxpayer dollars at work!!!!! These people are paid by us..they work for us….are we going to keep letting them treat us like this?????? THIS DOG BETTER STILL BE ALIVE, THAT’S ALL i CAN SAY!

  8. Cathie

    Although I’m unfamiliar with all the particulars of this case…just seems to me that animal abuse isn’t the only abuse going on here. Seems like some abuse of authority and power also…shameful. hoping for a positive outcome….

  9. Lese

    Call them Animal Control in Colchecter, CT 860-917-0567 You’ll get a recording leave a message. State your feeling on this but don’t get nasty…it will only make things worse for the dog and the owner, however, make sure they understand your concern is that this dog being well taken care of and kept healthy. Nothing less than that is acceptable being hush hush is not going to happen!

  10. muriel

    How on earth did these people get hired?!!!!!!!! Get rid of them. NOW

  11. sandra dunne


  12. Michelle Holley-Palmertree

    When are these people ever going to learn that they cannot silence or bully us and we will NOT stand for this anymore!

    Let Stella go home NOW! The world is watching you now, Colchester!

  13. Roxann Watson

    America, a police country, all those young men and women died for the country to be free. The mass murder of innocent dogs in Denver Co. yet they continue to have the highest rate of dog injuries in the state 20 years of breed ban. Calgary Canada has recently celebrate the lowest rate of dog attacks in 25 years – without any BSL…….Clearly a Power trip. Gee that is a first, for Law enforcment and authority. Look at Memphis in NJ fighting fight now on FB, The Patrick Miricle Is a great help to send you the right direction.

  14. Carol`

    There seems to be no end to the public servants and officials who see nothing wrong with abusing animals, mainly dogs, because of ignorance and abuse of power. How dare they threaten the owner of a dog not to make this public! I think everyone should know about this! Don’t want publicity? Then do your job! Don’t take advantage of animals or people just because you can, you may regret it if this does go public. By the way, it has! Now you will be called at length, emailed, and you will not rest. Dog lovers all over will take a big exception to your treatment of those dogs and the owner. Why don’t you want her to see her pet? Mistreating it?? The only reason I can think of, abuse! No reason to keep Stella either. Everyone is now watching you and your treatment of this dog and this owner. Make this right!!!

  15. Chris Williams

    How disgusting! Why do our government officials act like a two year old with bad parenting? I agree with Michelle, we will not take being bullied anymore by our government. Our ancestors were rebellious, not gonna take any crap people, and I am from that stock.

    Give the dog back to its rightful owner and grow the hell up, you are only trying to prove your point, and it is not getting made!

  16. Cheryl Gavreluk

    The police wouldn’t be intimidating these owners unless their (police) actions are not totally legal and know that they are surely going to lose this case look bad in the public eye.
    Something is not right if they are continuing harrassment towards these owners. This case needs to be investigated by police officials with good integrity and I know there are many good honest police officials out there.

  17. Sharon Cooper

    Where does the abuse by authorities seizing family dogs for no good reason end? When did they decide they could become judge, jury and executioner because a dog protected himself / herself when these authorities menaced them or their companions?

    There was a time when cops and ACO’S understood that. Now they seem to be devoid of all reason. Who hires these numnuts anyway?

  18. Amanda Johnson

    Just let me know when and where to protest. I’ll be there! This is outrageous. I thought this only happened in other places not this close to home. Let’s face facts, when it comes to police in our area it is all who you know and if you don’t have connections your at their mercy!

  19. ken smith

    Go all the way on this I was threatened with jail time law suit lied to intimadated on and on the spca and bylaw officer said my dog was going to the shelter for a 24to72hour assessment for agression .i was not given my rights a warrant etc for the seizure not 45minutes after leaving with my companion the spca killed her (she was part PitBull).im seeking changes be made in my community due to this with city council corrupt authority abuse must stop.

  20. Helene Mowka

    Why do thy have to be such bastards?

  21. cathyfonash

    Animals are Just like children. the way I look at it if you can hurt a animal you can also hurt a child. I have lost Respect For cops And judges!!! Maybe we need to find out If they have children It’s so maybe we should call Child protection And tell them The kids are being mistreated not just 1 person call a lot of people need to call let’s take their kids and tell them they need to keep their mouth shut and see how they like it.

  22. Charlene Moody

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”—Edmund Burke

  23. Callie

    Stella needs to be returned to her owner. Enough is enough. Both dogs did nothing wrong. If the police, animal control and judge think people can’t see through this story, and see what is *really* going on– think again. This is a true injustice of our justice system.

    The longer the dogs are held, the louder their voices become.

  24. Aunt Jane

    Folks this isn’t just about the dogs although that is a big issue, it is about a police state bullying an individual and denying them access to their property for no good reason. It’s time to hold the police and the courts to the law they claim to represent! This is really a bigger issue than a poor mistreated dog. And that is a HUGE issue!!!!

  25. Natalie

    Stella needs to be returned in perfect heath NOW. The police should have done their job and figured out if there were dogs in the house in the first place. If it were me, I would then turn and counter sue the policemen individually and then as a group for everything under the sun that I could find. Starting with excessive force, animal abuse and go down the line all the way to Larsony sp? (In my state dogs are considered property and since the dog is being kept in an undisclosed location she is stolen and since it was put in writing that the OWNERS would be allowed visitation it would be stealing or kidnapping) and then start on the ways that they broke my constitutional rights. How does that unlawful search and seizure go? I am sure there is a way to spin it. I mean look at all the criminals that get off. Oh and ask for a change of jurisdiction since a fair trial would probably not be possible due to the people involved in the case. Just an idea lol I know the Lexus Project will do all they can. This power trip above the law stuff that is starting to happen needs to stop now. I am seeing it with police, military, and other offices that work for the government. Stop turning a blind eye people!

  26. Mira

    I am stunned by the harrasment,the abuse of power,the intimidation,the arbitrary seizure and , many time,the killing of people dogs, by police and/or other local authorities…I am seeing this from Canada,where I live for almost 20 years after living a communist country : Romania…I can not believe that these ABUSES are taking place in a ” democratic country”.. This is beyond horrible…to see so many animals unjustly killed, and so many USA citizens deliberately HURT by their own authorities…I am sorry, but this is UNACCEPTABLE, in my opinion, and , if I may suggest, a much stronger action should be taken into consideration against these abuses. In this case, the blackmail is obvious…and it also indicates that people should “censor” them selves on a Social Media, in order not to upset the Police …what is this?
    Well, I think that Animal Control in USA is, most of the time, as cruel and sadistic as the one in Romania, except the way ” euthanasia” is performed…I think many people will not like what I said, but what is happening to people pets is OUTRAGEOUS.

  27. Maria Sheehan

    this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard ,and now the cop is trying to blackmail her ,give the dog back it was doing its job and take the badge away from the cop, what a jackass now you can’t even trust the cops .

  28. dalilamamomma

    The person who needs to be in jail, is the one who wrote this article. The grammar police should shoot them and put them out of their misery!
    For the sake of these poor animals who need and deserve for their plight to be heard, let some one who has more than a 5th grade education send in the articles. I hope and pray that this family is reunited and this has a happy ending.

  29. sjdeclue

    All of this bullying and intimidation by police and local government entities over our canine family members has got to stop! Holding any kind of a family member hostage (dog or otherwise) and subjecting them to abuse and/or neglect is totally unacceptable! These are people who are paid by taxpayers to protect and serve. Who the hell are they protecting and serving in cases like this? God protect us from them, as it is, because this is not justice.

  30. Lore Harmison

    It amazes me that some people are more interested in some spelling, than what happened here. Who cares, perhaps the person who wrote this might not be a great speller but has a BIG HEART and truly cares about this case.
    Either way, the ignorance of some of the people who wear a badge is getting out of hand. I know first hand. So let’s focus on what is important here, and it sure is not the spelling.

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