Custom Flash Drives – New, Flashy Marketing Technique for Growing Your Business

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Today, every company is trying to get a leg up on the competition while at the same time managing the increasingly expensive costs of doing business. One new way of doing this: promoting your business through custom flash drives. Yes, rather than spend marketing time and efforts on unnecessary promotional items that will never be used – i.e. plastic cups, beach balls, doggy socks, pens, etc. – why not put your resources into a product that will not only get your message across but is actually useful? It might just get you noticed, as well.

How it Works

USB flash drives are portable mass storage devices. They’re great for people who regularly travel for business, use multiple computers, or just want presentations and important files backed up on something small enough to easily carry. When customized, each drive is strategically imprinted with a unique company logo or brand name. This allows for attention-getting brand exposure when used in a traditional office setting or when given away at trade shows or business conventions.

Benefits of Flash Drive Marketing

As flash drives are becoming more popular in schools, homes, and at the office, branding them with your company’s logo makes for an excellent marketing campaign. You can customize by color and memory size while other more specialized options include: silk screening, pad imprinting, dome imprinting, laser etching, embossing, and engraving. Most importantly, unlike most promotional gifts or swag, flash drives are very rarely ever discarded. Ninety percent of pens, business cards, magnets, and other freebies end up being tossed into the garbage. By providing a product of real value your money will be more effectively used and your marketing efforts will be intensified. Additionally, because USB flash drives are especially useful at the work place, they’ll make your company’s name and logo accessible at the optimal time. Another benefit, flash drives are eco-friendly and in line with current trends. Not only will you lower printing costs and save some trees, you might even gain some ground against your competition and increase your company’s value in the eyes of your clients.

Don’t Just Customize the Outside of Your Drive

Perhaps the best thing about promoting your company with custom flash drives is the opportunity to have these drives preloaded with catalogs, brochures, pictures, music, web links, and other relevant data to your company’s brand. You can put together a targeted message or even a video presentation that customers can view whenever they like. Plus, once you design and format your presentation, you’ll be able to choose from various pre-load options. For example, your drive can be set to automatically run your marketing video or even to load a specific website whenever it’s used. Thus, maximizing the potential to get your message across and making your company’s listings more accessible, so it’s there when your customers want to learn more about what you have to offer.

About the Author

Robert Bettis writes for tech blogs and uses quality custom flash drives to store his work.

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  2. Promo Dude

    Nice post can you tell me how much something like this cost?

  3. Nyle Reme

    The content says it all about how these little peripherals have enhanced the promotional strategies of any company using them. Such measures are also making USBs a part of companies identity.

  4. Personalized flash drive

    this is very exclusive post. And It contain fully information about Custom Flash Drives

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