Big Brother/Big Sister Alliance!

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Big Brother/Big Sister Alliance!

by Betsy Smith

Wow, this company is not only helping add more income into the pockets of its Independent Brand Partners, but is also making a difference in the world!

Nerium announced our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters! We chose to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters because this organization personifies what Nerium stands for including the power of associations, mentorship, and truly impacting the life of another.

Clearly those who attended the Central Fall Bash were equally excited about our announcement, as they contributed more than $20,000 in donations to the BBBS this weekend! We also have had many Brand Partners volunteer to be “Bigs!”  Wow!  We would like to send out a big Texas-sized ‘thank you’ to all of those who contributed. Our goal is to donate $100,000 by the end Fall Bash tour (November 11).  Every penny counts! Thank you for being a part of the Nerium Ripple as we create a tidal wave of change for the Next Generation!

Just a year old and the buzz is out there about Nerium!  We are a company that is all about giving first on so many levels.  And our brand partners know it.  So many people around the country are getting paychecks, some small like $500-$1,000 a month and some really big.  Those who reach National Marketing Director not only are making a serious income, but Nerium has offered a $25K cash bonus!  In just one year we have given out about 120 of those bonuses.  What a difference we are making for many in this struggling economy.

What is so great is that many of the new National Marketing Directors have never been in this industry.  They are just everyday people; stay at home moms, business owners, hair dressers, young single people, and what amazed me the most is that there are a lot of  guys too!  I would have thought an anti-aging skin care company would attract all women, but NO.

That is what happens when a business opportunity is REAL.  It attracts REAL people from all walks of life.  I think that is why we talk about being part of the Nerium Family.  The future is bright from here!

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