Irene Hannon Unveils a Lethal Legacy Readers Won’t Forget!

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Irene Hannon Unveils a Lethal Legacy Readers Won’t Forget!

 By Amy Lignor

If you’re looking for a keeper, this is it! Being the third installment in this author’s ‘Guardians of Justice’ series, fans will note that each novel seems to be better than the last. The stories surround the Taylor family: Cole, the former military man who is now a Detective in St. Louis; his brother Jake, who has recently married and is a U.S. Marshall; and their sister Alison, who is now engaged to a policeman who works very closely with Cole.

As the story begins, reader’s are offered a glimpse at Vincentio Rossi, a man who has just gotten out of prison after twenty-eight years and is planning to seek out his revenge on the people who have wronged him in the past.

Cole takes the ‘Taylor’ lead in this book, when a very lovely young lady by the name of Kelly Warren visits the police department to see if the ‘case’ of her father’s suicide can be reopened; she truly believes he was murdered and has new evidence to bring to light. Even though Cole wasn’t the original officer of record, he looks into it and can see nothing that would prove her father was killed by someone else’s hand. He won’t quit however, especially seeing as that Cole is quite taken with Kelly, and when he digs deeper into the evidence he soon finds secret information that links her family to a crime that happened many years before. Add in a character that wants nothing more than for Kelly to drop her investigation, and you have an extremely fast-paced plot.

The way this series is written the Taylor characters truly jump off the page. The family, the extended family, the romance, intrigue – even the back-handed way the author brings in characters that readers will have no idea whether they’re bad or good – everything about the ‘Guardians of Justice’ series offers a true thrill. And, let’s be honest, any female reader will wish to high heaven they were a member of this incredibly handsome family!

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