Amanda Kyle Williams’ Effervescent Detective, Keye Street, Shows Readers a Stranger in the Room

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Amanda Kyle Williams’ Effervescent Detective, Keye Street, Shows Readers a Stranger in the Room

By Amy Ligner

This is the second book featuring Keye Street, a female detective living in Atlanta, Georgia who will remind many readers of a Kinsey Millhone (Sue Grafton’s unforgettable detective).

Keye is a woman with determination and willpower. Raised by an adoptive family, Keye has her share of upsets when it comes to dealing with a difficult relationship with her mom. An ex-cop, Keye has a few issues in her past that ejected her from the police force, so now she has her own P.I. business and is definitely the one you want to hire when things go bad. Her boyfriend, Aaron, is a police officer who is on the scale of ’dreamy,’ and also in Keye’s life is a co-worker who is technically brilliant but more than a little strange. Let’s just say that Keye’s main goal is that she always wants to see justice done…even if it kills her.

One evening Keye’s cousin, Miki, heads home and witnesses a stranger in her house. The first thing that comes to mind is: stalker! But when a corpse is found inside the home, the story brings to light other killings including a serial killer case that Keye works on as a consultant. If that isn’t enough, one of Keye’s private cases transforms from a small investigation into a hugely horrific case. Add Mother Nature to this very suspenseful and cool plot as Atlanta is hit with a tremendous storm that just about takes everyone out, and readers are given a compelling murder mystery with characters that just won’t quit.

As a review this one is difficult (not wanting to give anything away), but let’s just say this plot is fantastic! Keye is very laid back and has a great sense of humor; Neil (her odd co-worker) is usually high but always brilliant; Aaron is a quiet force; and Miki is the frightened character who definitely has a right to be afraid. This author has the unique (and very rare gift) of being able to keep things light even when the darkness arrives. It will be very interesting to see what Keye does next!

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