Matthew Dunn Adds Another Perfect Read to His ‘Spycatcher’ Novels with SENTINEL!

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Matthew Dunn Adds Another Perfect Read to His ‘Spycatcher’ Novels with SENTINEL!


by Amy Lignor

In the world of ‘Spymasters,’ this author has no equal. With this offering, number two in the ‘Spycatcher’ series, Mr. Dunn takes the reader’s breath away with more suspense, action, mystery and endless adventure that any one person can handle.

Our main character, MI-6 agent Will Cochrane, is back in action and asked to decode a partial message that was received at CIA headquarters in Virginia. The message is from a deep cover agent located in Russia and reads: He has betrayed us and wants to go to war… The unfinished message is quickly passed up the chain of the MI-6/CIA Spartan Division which is run jointly by Britain and the U.S. and is manned by the professionals who are most wanted to carry out the truly dangerous missions.

When Will finally tracks down the elusive agent who sent the message the man is on his death bed, but manages to tell Will that the ‘bad guy’ is none other than Russian Colonel Taras Khmelnytsky. Apparently the Colonel wants to start a war between Russia and America and…only Sentinel can stop him.

Barely getting away from the meeting with his life, Will is told by the men in charge that he will have to work with Sentinel – a high-powered spy who always works alone. But when the two get together sparks fly as they find their egos are a little too much for both of them to handle. Managing to work together, this duo goes on the hunt, traveling from Washington to London to Moscow and beyond to find a vicious mastermind who always seems to be one step ahead.

With all the twists and turns that a suspense fan could possibly imagine (and some they couldn’t), the skillful writing and fantastic ending make this the most delicious novel of the year thus far. Hold on to your hats for this one-day read, ladies and gents, and have an absolute ball!


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