Severe Clear

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This is the twenty-third book that calls out to the millions of Stone Barrington fans across the globe, and is yet another in the long line of cases for the ‘super-sleuth’ lawyer who never seems the least bit stumped when it comes to solving the mystery.


Still alive and well in New York City, Stone Barrington is living, loving, and lawyer-ing each and every day. Recently however, Stone has taken on the added extra job of working with his detective friend, Dino to look for a new restaurant that can take the place of the famous Elaine’s.


Readying themselves to fly off to Bel Air, Stone and his friends are going to be a part of the grand opening of “The Arrington.” This is a new ‘5-star’ hotel that will offer patrons the absolute best in luxury, and has been built on the grounds of the former home of Stone’s late wife. Let’s face it, this is going to be the ultimate ‘party of the century.’ Invitations were sent out to everyone who is ‘anyone’ in the area; a long list that includes socialites, stars of stage and screen, true royalty, and billionaires from every continent.


Being that this is the age of ‘watching’ and ‘spying’ in the technological world, various telephone conversations have come to the attention of the NSA. These ‘talks’ have proven to the government that international terrorists are keeping a very close eye on the Bel Air party—especially since the President of the United States, as well as the President of Mexico are among the attendees.


Stone Barrington, as fans all know by now, has friends in the CIA, and calls in some favors from his buddies to have them keep watch over the event as it erupts in mystery!


The usual suspects are all here, and the tale is as fast-paced as all of Woods’ books are, making it a perfect one-day read. Familiar characters, a good storyline, and humorous dialogue still abound and Woods, most likely, is already working on number twenty-four.


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