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Tired of the hype, so was I, so Nerium International was a breath of fresh air. Not only real but real simple- one product—an age-defying night cream with real results backed with clinical tests. Nerium International is a company that is also in partnership with a highly respected bio tech company, Nerium Biotechnology Company.  Their scientists developed a product not available in the marketplace- we as brand partners market it. We have access to their R and D and we as brand partners bring it to the market place. A portion of our sales go back to fund further R and D on future product development. What a concept! Now couple that with; 1. a top notch leadership team with a combined 150 years of experience in both  the field and management and  2. an unsurpassed financial opportunity.

There are so many advantages to this business model of relationship marketing: minimal overhead, quickly recoup your business investment, be your own boss, choose your own hours to work,  work around your other commitments of family and full time job, multiple tax savings from having your own business that you work from home—no compute, -lower your gas bill, car insurance, and blood pressure!—-Be in business for yourself but not by your self— work with like-minded people who are united in their desire to help improve not only their own lives but those of others. “I love this industry for all of the above reasons,” says Mindy who is an Executive Director with the company.

You say, “Great, how you know when you have found that special company?”  Several factors point the way; but the one that grabbed my attention was this: A boomer-fueled consumer base is expected to push the U.S. market for anti-aging products from about $80 billion now to a projected $114+ billion by 2015——-USA Today (“Boomers Will Be Spending Billions to Counter Aging”) Talk about being in the right place at the right time!!!

Now couple that with the fact that this product is only available through a brand partner-–Wow!!!  And while lots of companies claim their product helps turn back the clock—no one else has clinical studies showing on average a 20-30% improvement.  The industry average—a puny 2-4%! Two other factors sealed the deal for me: a very lucrative residual income comp plan, a strong support network and the best leadership I have ever had the privilege to work with.

Despite the challenges in the economy, this industry of relationship marketing continues to grow, after all it is a level playing field: it does not matter what color your skin is, what your age is , your educational level, what your religious beliefs are… it really is an industry with a big heart—a heart to help others with their dreams. I can truly say after being in this industry for 15 years, I have met some of the best people—caring people, responsible, hard- working ,honest people, people I would be proud to have at my dining table for Sunday dinner.   And this company is growing quickly as people begin to discover a product that works, a financial opportunity that anyone can do and a top leadership team. Take a look at this company- check what they offer. It’s the REAL deal.

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