The Edge of the Map

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The Edge of the Map

My name is Dr. Michael McAleer and I am sixty-three years old.  I love other cultures and peoples.  I love travelling and exploring new places.  These articles are about cross-cultural understanding and living.  They are meant to give simple, easy to understand ideas, about actually living in another culture.  Most of my insights come from years of experience living in México and travelling all over Central America.  They come from years of studying Latin American history and culture.  But while my cross-cultural insights might be rooted there, the ideas, the things you will have to face, are universal.  Some of the ideas are designed with mature adults in mind who are looking to live, work or retire in another culture; however, the “20 something” backpacker/explorer needs them also.

Many adults my age want to find adventure, fun, meaning and a place to live well.  At the end of some maps back in the 16th century or earlier, there would be dragons on the unknown regions.  There are dragons out there, but these articles are meant to help you sail past them.  Are you ready to go to the edge of the map?

Dr. Michael McAleer

My email is .  Please feel free to write and comment, ask questions, or learn how I can help you on your cross-cultural journey to the Edge of the Map.

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