“You Don’t Want to Know”

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A mother’s worst nightmare has occurred…maybe.


Ava Garrison is still unable to remember exactly what happened the night her two-year-old son, Noah, disappeared from their home in the Pacific Northwest. She spends her life reliving that tragic day and desperately searching through her messed-up mind to find the answers to where Noah has gone.


For two years now, Ava has been suffering; she can remember exactly what the boy was wearing that night, but nothing about his whereabouts. In an attempt to find the solution, Ava stops taking her medication, believing that the drugs are keeping her mind cloudy and unable to find the truth. As bits and pieces slowly come to light, Ava hears Noah crying in his room; she also sees him walking near the dock in his red shirt and rolled-up jeans. Now Noah has never been found which leads Ava to not only cling to the fact that he could very well still be alive – but also believe to her very core that her son is still out there breathing, waiting for his Mommy to come get him.


On top of everything else in Ava’s life, she is surrounded by relatives that are beyond eerie and also believes that her husband is plotting with her therapist in order to lock her up and throw away the key. At the end of her rope and not knowing who to trust, Ava seeks the help of the new stableman, Austin Dern, who is hired by her husband. Austin soon becomes Ava’s knight in shining armor when he saves her from plunging off the dock. Murders begin to occur in Ava’s bleak neck of the woods, and just as she’s about to get her mind back into focus she becomes the prime suspect in the murders.


The most interesting character in this novel is Austin Dern; a red herring whose motives are very hard to figure out. Although the novel begins as a definite page-turner it, unfortunately, does end up with an ‘expected’ conclusion.


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