Hard Target!

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Fans of this enigmatic writer are sitting on the edge of their seats right now waiting to get this one, and they should be. This is non-stop action thriller that puts Jack Bauer to shame. From plots to sub-plots introducing groups who are being ‘watched’ – everything from the CIA to the NSA to the FBI – are covered in this new tale.


At the very beginning, readers ‘hop’ into the President’s helicopter with the new President-Elect of the United States, and find themselves immediately wrapped up in a terrorist plot that – believe it or not – hasn’t been written before.


The new President-elect, Glendon Rusch, his family, and various Secret Service officers are on their way to a well-earned rest after an exhausting two-year Presidential campaign. Out of nowhere an explosion erupts in the helicopter and the ‘whirly-bird’ goes straight down into a Virginia field. This newest terrorist ‘scheme’ baffles the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, because it’s simply unheard of that anyone would have the sheer guts to attempt an assassination inside a helicopter which is guarded night and day at a base in Quantico.


FBI agent Aaron Uziel, and Hector Santos – a Department of Defense operative – are in charge of the investigation that will soon grow larger and larger, presenting a danger to not only the present administration, but also the next one in line.


With all the twists and turns presented, reviewers will have to be very careful with this one, seeing as that no spoilers can be revealed. What can be said is that the plot of this book is first-class and the research that has been done to make sure the novel is ‘right on target’ is extraordinary. This one is guaranteed to KEEP you sitting on the edge of your seat even after you have it in your hands. This captivating ride is a definite keeper!


Until Next Time, Everybody.

Amy Lignor

(For Suspense Magazine)

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