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Anyone who truly loves that dark comedy – that pure mix of horror and humor – will find this debut novel a true ‘genius’ tale.

Taking place in the Ozarks of Arkansas and leading into Memphis, Tennessee, the pure “Hillbilly” dialogue leads readers through the twisted mind of a killer who, whether you like it or not, is actually a character you will like at times (Dexter, anyone?).

In the hills of Arkansas there is talk of a giant creature called the, “Wowzer,” that captures anyone who wanders too far into the woods. When they reach his ‘domain,’ so to speak, the Wowzer is known to lop off their heads. This ridiculous legend doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot to sheriff’s deputy Jerry, who was raised on stories of the Wowzer. Not only that but he’s spending a lot of energy moonlighting for the local drug traffickers as their leg-breaking enforcer…a job he‘s extremely good at.


Jerry is someone who could murder anyone without even a tiny bit of guilt laying claim to his heart, which makes him a bit of a “Wowzer,” himself. Having been a part of the law enforcement community for about ten years, Jerry finds himself ready to retire, but when this finally happens, things get a little crazy. Jerry’s girlfriend, Maggie, runs away after she finds out about Jerry’s psycho ways. And his boss, Tom, who runs the police department and also the drug trade in the area, is taking a long time to pay Jerry his cut of the drug money. Not only does he not seem to want to pay ole’ Jerry for his work, but Tom also seems to be planning on taking Jerry out. With all this, Jerry is beginning to devise his own plan; a plan where he can put his life in order by building up the body count.

Fans who love this “country backwoods” fiction will really get into this dark, comical debut. Not only will you delve into the heart and soul of a killer who has a definite – perhaps real – monster living inside him, but you’ll also get to have fun along the way.


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