“Little Shop of Homicide.”

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2012 may just go down in history as THE year for debut novels setting up brand new series’ fiction to be introduced to the world. This fun read is Book I in what will eventually become a slew of stories titled, The Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery series.

Devereaux, commonly known as ‘Dev,’ Sinclair has purchased an old-fashioned dime store located in her hometown of Shadow Bend, Missouri. Naming it Dev’s Dime Store and Gift Baskets, she truly loves her business. Soon it is thriving and Dev is making up baskets for many clients, using any theme that her customers want. (i.e.: she puts the finishing touches on a basket for a 60th anniversary celebration using nostalgia from the 50’s – like a 1952 Saturday Evening Post, fifties music CD’s, and an ‘I LIKE IKE’ button.)


One day, intrigue hits. Joelle Ayers, the fiancée of Dev’s ex, is mysteriously killed with a champagne bottle and a stiletto-heeled shoe, both items that were included in a gift basket created at Dev’s shop. A local policeman with vengeance on his mind is concentrating on Dev as the only responsible person and begins to make her life miserable.


Dev goes to her two best friends, Poppy and Boone, for help to clear her name, meeting Deputy U.S. Marshall, Jake DelVecchio, along the way. It seems that Dev is considered a suspect because her fingerprints are all over the place where Joelle was killed. In deep trouble and sinking even further into the abyss, Dev must find a way to clear her name, or risk losing her business and residing in a prison cell for the rest of her life.


Very nostalgic and really charming, this story moves along quickly and is a completely entertaining beginning to a brand new series


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