Ridley Pearson is Back With The Risk Agent

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The first in a stunning new international thriller series; suspense readers can get ready for a truly non-stop tale of intrigue.


The Rutherford Risk firm’s main objectives are finding and negotiating deals for the return of kidnapping victims that are being held as hostages. The latest job they’re hired for is to find a Chinese gentleman, Edward “Lu” Hao, along with his security man, who are working for an American multinational called, The Berthold Group.


This kidnapping happened in China, where private investigations are illegal, so this recovery will be more than difficult when compared to others the firm has accomplished. Rutherford Risk hires two people who work outside the company for help. They are John Knox, an importer, and Grace Chu, a forensic accountant – two professionals who are highly skilled that must rescue the kidnap victims.


With Hao, are his records of bribes that he has been paying out for the American Berthold Group operating in Shanghai. Grace, who had helped Lu get the job in the first place, delves into the world of forensic accounting and tries desperately to find the missing books. From working as an ‘insider’ to delivering the ransom and extracting the hostages, John and Grace follow the money trail, trying to solve the puzzle before the deadline runs out.


This is a truly great thriller that not only captivates and enthralls, but also brings people up to date on the inner-workings of the Chinese government. And the best part is, The Risk Agent is only the beginning of what appears to be a perfect prelude to an exciting series.


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