‘Dogs in Brazil Needs’ Your Votes to Rescue Vulnerable Dogs

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Dogs in Brazil leads the sunsuper dreams contest with over 2200 votes and needs more votes from dog lovers to win the contest and use the money for helping  

Dogs in Brazil is a small dog rescue run in Brazil by a couple from England. Jan and Carlos Cabral have sacrificed all they have in order to help the countless street dogs in the area.

Last year the region (mountain area of Rio de Janiero) was hit by a devastating natural disaster. There was massive flooding, along with mudslides in the region. Many people lost their lives to this calamity while others lost everything they had. Animals were killed in large numbers and many were left without families and homes. The short trailer linked here shows a glimpse of the devastation. Dogs in Brazil was the first to arrive on the scene to help. They joined a massive rescue effort to save the animals, particularly homeless and helpless dogs that had no food, shelter, or treatment available to them.

Dogs in Brazil is now involved in an important contest, the sunsuper dreams contest, and stands to win 5000 Australian dollars. This would help them rebuild as well as help the dogs they are caring for. It would also help them make room for more street dogs as they continue their rescue work. Jan and Carlos Cabral have sacrificed all they had to continue the rescue work. There are days they go without eating, so that vulnerable dogs have the food they need. While Dogs in Brazil is closing the lead, it needs a massive effort to get in the votes. Please vote and share.

If you have a valid e-mail address, you can vote online for Dogs in Brazil. You can only vote once since duplicate votes will be removed.

Dog’s lives are depending on you. Let’s save our canine friends by voting for Dogs in Brazil.


13 Responses to ‘Dogs in Brazil Needs’ Your Votes to Rescue Vulnerable Dogs

  1. karen lee burton

    please help these poor dogs

  2. Bobbi

    Animals deserve rights & u can see a persons character by how they8 treat any animal!

  3. Larisa Scharikin

    I have been following Dogs in Brazil for many months now.They so need and deserve to win this contest. They have sacrificed everything for these dog.

  4. nereida nunez

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz help these pitties

  5. Zulma

    They deserve this money,they do an excellent job, full of love

  6. Leslie Shatkin

    Please support Dogs of Brazil! What a wonderful organization!

  7. Susan Boyd

    Please leave the dogs alone they are very loving creatures and deserve our live and respect

  8. marilyn morales


  9. marilyn m

    I voted :) Good luck!

  10. elaine j frawley

    thank you for the work you are doing.

  11. Marcelo Crist Barbosa

    I vote in Dogs in Brazil.

  12. lisbet hofman stahrenberg

    Plz vote <3

  13. Rose Smith

    I vote for Dogs in Brazil to receive the money!

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