Chris Cavender Writes a ‘Pizza’ Mystery Series That’s Anything but “Cheesy!”

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Chris Cavender Writes a ‘Pizza’ Mystery Series That’s Anything but “Cheesy!”

It’s not often you walk by your friendly neighborhood pizzeria and stare through the window to see a well-known chef sitting in a chair with a huge knife buried deep inside his chest, but that’s exactly what the scene is inside A Slice of Delight.

The pizza parlor is owned by Eleanor Swift, and is located in the little town of Timber Ridge, North Carolina. Although it sounds and looks like the perfect little community to reside in, this is definitely not the first time that murder has been committed within town lines.


Eleanor Swift is a young widow who works hard running the pizzeria with the help of her sister, Maddie. These women are down to earth and neither give two ‘hoots’ about celebrities in their midst, so they are certainly a duo that is very uninterested when a prima donna comes to town. When a close friend asks the girls to help open up a local bookstore, that’s when Maddie and Eleanor come in contact with ‘The Chef.’


A pompous man who’s the host of his own cooking show, Chef Benet truly believes he’s an expert on everything. He seems to have ‘ridden’ into town at full boil, and begins to insult everyone in sight—including Eleanor and Maddie—so it really comes as no surprise that the victim who can be seen through that big window of A Slice of Delight is the one man who wasn’t happy unless he was shooting off his mouth.


It seems that everyone is a suspect. And seeing how the weapon of choice was a knife from Eleanor and Maddie’s pizza kitchen and the scene of the crime is their establishment, the local Sheriff is delving deep into each conversation that the sisters may have had with the victim.


These ‘cozy’ pizza mysteries have been truly outstanding, and this particular one will leave the reader once again wanting a whole lot more of the great writing and cool plots that Chris Cavender continues to serve!


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