A ‘Crossroad Crisis’ Novel that is Thrill, Chill and Romance All in One!

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A ‘Crossroad Crisis’ Novel that is Thrill, Chill and Romance All in One!



Not This Time, by Vicki Hinze, is a return to the ‘happening’ place of Seagrove Village, Florida.


Detective Jeff Meyers is late for the re-marriage of his friends – Harvey and Roxy. This wonderful couple split up because she was working for the FBI (which no one knew), and divorced Harvey to keep him out of the line of fire, so to speak. Jeff is so upset that he may be yelled at for being late to the ceremony, he hightails it down the rose-petal pathway only to open up the doors to a scene of absolute horror.


Everyone in the room is on the ground, as if a group of terrorists had come in and made sure to not leave one witness alive. As Jeff runs around the room, checking for pulses, thankfully there is only one who has passed on. He stares up at the wedding cake which was the delivery mode for some sort of chemical device that knocked out everyone in the wedding party. Turns out, THIS was just the first warning; HAZMAT is called in and the game is on…


Beth is the woman Jeff is in love with, but she has eyes for a certain ‘spy in the field’ who calls in every once in a while to check on her. Although she doesn’t even know his last name, Beth does know that he is the man for her, and that makes Jeff crazy.


Beth’s partner, Sara, has also been acting very strange lately. In fact, Sara has been speaking in very cryptic sentences, telling Beth to be wary of her, and to not trust her. Beth is really only wary of Sara’s husband – a slightly fierce man who she believes is not only hurting her friend, but has suddenly disappeared. Did her friend finally take out the bad seed of a husband? Or, are terrorists at work because Sara and Beth run a multi-million dollar computer company that aids Quantico?


There are so many doors to walk through in this story that readers will be kept on their feet the entire time. From the terrorism to the romance to the ‘who-dun-it’ that are all expertly wrapped up into one package – this new ’Crossroad Crisis’ novel is a truly fantastic read!


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