MassageLuXe KNOWS Their Target Audience!

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MassageLuXe KNOWS Their Target Audience!


Why is MassageLuXe the franchise that everyone wants to be a part of? Why, exactly, are they so successful? Yes, the professional, skilled staff is a huge reason. Yes, the innovative services they supply consumers are unmatched by any other company. Yes, the luxury and elegance – the actual ‘peaceful’ time that a person receives after stepping through the doors of the ‘LuXe’ universe – is one-of-a-kind, and soon becomes a weekly ritual for all clients.


But, the bottom line is that Todd Beckman, who created the incredible businesses of MassageLuXe and FaceLuXe, knew his target audience. He knew who he was marketing to; he had the knowledge that most business owners just don’t grasp anymore – and he is now ‘gifting’ that knowledge to his franchisees.


Think about it – knowing your target audience up front gives you the edge. When becoming a MassageLuXe franchisee, you are literally being given a blueprint to success. You are given a proven marketing plan from a proven franchise that can bring you profits, not to mention the one career you’ve always wanted to have.


MassageLuXe is the spa ‘experience’ that we’ve been ‘shouting and cheering’ about over the past few months. It is also one of the largest growing franchise opportunities in one of the largest growing markets in the world. Every week, more and more franchisee candidates are asking questions, researching, and running to the MassageLuXe site in order to get ‘in’ on the perfect franchise opportunity.


All franchisees should know ahead of time, when looking for that new career path, that you need to go with a franchiser that KNOWS their business. When you’re talking about a $100 billion dollar industry, it’s your target audience that brings you success, and MassageLuXe has proven for years that they KNOW how to build their client list. Because of this, they have become the franchise that everyone wants to be a part of. Guaranteed success? Is that term even possible? Well…MassageLuXe keeps showing the world and all their franchisees that it is very possible!


The biggest and most important issue when it comes to the successful marketing and advertising for a business is that target audience - that specific group of people within the “target market” who the MassageLuXe ‘message’ is specifically aimed at. For example, if a company sells massage services then the “target market” becomes consumers who NEED those services. Seems, simple, right? But there are many marketing plans from other ‘franchise opportunities’ that simply can not ‘zone in on’ the right consumer to market to. But no matter what happens financially in this world, we will always need massage services provided by a professional staff in a location that truly reminds one of Paradise. Add to that the fact that massage services have now been combined with the medical industry, with more and more doctors adding massage to their recommended therapies, then you discover an industry – and a target audience – that will continue to grow.


Let’s explore the idea a bit further for all those people out there who want nothing more than to be their own boss by joining a company that is right for them. A target audience can be made up of people in a certain age group, gender, marital status, etc., or a combination of factors. Businesses and companies are also a target audience, as well as chiropractors, doctors, and more who wish to add massage to their prescribed ‘plan’ to increase the health and wellness of their clients. All of these target audiences are perfect for MassageLuXe, and they make up a “target market” that is growing daily. So one of the main reasons this company and their franchisees do so well is because they have identified the appropriate target markets and determined their target audience.


The biggest mistake that franchises and companies make is when they try to target “everybody” and end up appealing to no one. All or nothing is not the way to go, and MassageLuXe KNOWS this!


A well-defined “target market” is the first element to a marketing strategy. The “target market” includes taking into consideration the product or service you’re selling, the promotion (or distribution) you need in order to sell it, and the prices – these are the main elements of a proven marketing strategy that determines the success of the company in the marketplace. It comes as no surprise that MassageLuXe HAS proven their marketing strategy by learning every single one of the points stated above. If they hadn’t, they never would be able to claim the truth: which is, that this company has been successful for years!


Marketers have outlined the four basic strategies used to find a target audience: mass marketing, differentiated marketing, concentrated marketing, and micromarketing (marketing to a very specific niche of the community.)


Mass marketing is when a firm decides to ignore their actual market and go after the whole market with one offer. It’s called ‘persuasion marketing,’ where they intend to get their product or service out to a wide audience. But if you do not have the skill of a learned company like MassageLuXe behind you, this will never work out.


Another choice for sales teams is to reach out to “target markets” through direct marketing. This is done by buying consumer databases that are based on the market profiles you have defined. These databases usually come with consumer contacts and their emails, mobile numbers and home numbers in order to contact them. You need to use extreme caution nowadays in the direct marketing realm because there are laws in each state that can stop you from achieving your goal. In the end, to market to any given audience effectively, it is essential to become familiar with your target audience! Which is exactly what MassageLuXe has already done.


The only way personal service can ever fail is if you wait for clients to come to you. And with MassageLuXe, you’d be ‘selling’ something that everyone already wants! You’re a part of a company that is already proven to be THE choice for consumers who want a spa to go to for their health, wellness, peace, and to restore their energy and vitality.


MassageLuXe takes the pressure off by providing their proven marketing plan. They support, guide and encourage their franchisees by explaining their processes, services, and their extremely skilled staff that all consumers rave about. With this type of support behind you, you already have everything you need to establish, maintain, and grow your own lucrative franchise.


MassageLuXe wants to invest in YOU. They can show you your “target market” and bring those revenues in from that target audience that is just waiting for YOU to give them what they need…and what they need is MassageLuXe!



For more information, go right now to:!/mluxe


Check out the Virtual Tour which will have you walking, running, biking, swimming, or driving to your nearest location to get in on the luxury!


For Franchise Information Call:

877-321-LUXE (5893)

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