A Writer Takes on the Subject of Bipolar Disorder…Brilliantly!

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A Writer Takes on the Subject of Bipolar Disorder…Brilliantly!


The book is titled: I Am Normal…If You’re Bipolar. The amazing author is, Terri Callsen.


Readers, as you know I pick-up and review around thirty to forty books a month, on average. But I can quite honestly tell you that when this title crossed my ‘path,’ I was stunned.


Not only was I stunned by the abilities of the author to write her feelings and emotions with kindness, as well as humor; but at the same time I was stopped in my tracks by her ability to give people who are bipolar a true sense that everything IS all right. Ms. Callsen explains the ups-and-downs, the ins-and-outs, she takes on Western medicine, and doctors who seem to have forgotten everything they learned since they earned that fancy diploma that hangs on their office wall – and she does it in a way that is learned, riveting and entertaining, all at the same time.

I Am Normal gives an in-depth look at depression – which is an illness that has grown larger and larger by the day. Being bipolar, suffering from depression – these are not ‘silly, fluffy’ issues that one simply waves their hand at and walks away. This is all very real, and THIS is the book for anyone who suffers from these illnesses, as well as the family and friends who wish to understand more about the ‘issues’ that their loved one is going through.


I Am Normal contains facts, explanations, an outline of symptoms and what to look for, and really ‘shows’ readers the extreme behaviors that come with depression and bipolar disorder. The book is extremely heartfelt and true because the author is speaking from experience, which adds to the fascination. With this book you’re not getting the ‘same-old, same-old’ diatribe that doctors and so-called ‘professionals’ feed you every day, you are getting an ‘inside’ look at something you NEED to know and NEED to learn about in order to better understand how it feels to be bipolar.


My advice? Get this one right now!


Until Next Time, Everybody,


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  2. Peter Smith Talking Cures

    Dear Amy

    I have not read this book and perhaps do not have the time to, however there is no question it would get my support just for the few lines you have written about the no nothing dismissal of the medical profession back by the even more no nothing of the Scientific Brigade who are supposed to provide our dedicated medical profession with Scientifically Proven Treatments. There is not one illness in the world they have ever done this to and it is clear the writer of this book is attempting to say this in their words.

    There is no such thing as Alternative medicine. There is medicine which works and medicine which does not and any so called medicine which does not does not even deserve to be called medicine at all.

    Bi-Polar disorder is a process of the mind following Childhood Emotional/Physical Trauma(S)and nothing top do with the Body at all, the body being just a Flag to tell/demonstrate something is wrong. To which no one listens. www . talkingcures . co . uk / process of the mind

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