The Cinnamon Roll Murder is a Delicious Mouthful of Mystery!

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The Cinnamon Roll Murder is a Delicious Mouthful of Mystery!


This is number fifteen in this incredibly entertaining series by Joanne Fluke and, very possibly, one of the absolute best. Spring is in the air in Lake Eden, Minnesota, which doesn’t seem to be a big deal as it’s still cold. The only difference is, instead of snow and ice – which still shows up after the sun goes down – everything in the sunshine is covered in mud and, which the natives say is normal considering that: “Minnesota has two seasons: Shovel and Swat.” Or, as our heroine, Hannah Swensen, likes to say, the land of the North has four seasons like everyone else: “Fishing, Duck, Deer and Mud.”

When Hannah and her sisters (J) and Mom, find out that The Cinnamon Roll Six jazz band will be the main attraction at the Weekend Jazz Festival at the Lake Eden Inn, they offer to go out to the Inn with a truck full of baked goods and get a preview of the weekend’s festivities. As they’re on their way, they hear the sound of crashing cars and discover that the Cinnamon Roll Six’s tour bus has had an accident on the icy roads on the way to the Inn.

Hannah, and her sister, Michelle, walk through the woods to the stricken bus to find that most everyone is okay, escaping with just some bumps and bruises. All except for Buddy, the keyboard player, who has a broken wrist, and the driver of the bus – who apparently had a heart attack and died at the wheel. After the medical personnel get everyone to the hospital, it seems that the driver was the only fatality. This doesn’t remain the truth, however, when Hannah’s mom discovers Buddy in the X-Ray room with a pair of scissors sticking out of his chest.

Of course, Hannah and her family go on the hunt for the culprit and find out that most of the band have something in their past that they’re hiding. No one seems to know who’s who in this little town anymore, yet Hannah is determined to solve the case.  This tale is more than a bit complicated for Hannah and family, and even more suspenseful than the others in the series. Yet, as always, there are some stellar recipes included that will make your mouth water, and fans of this author will not be disappointed!

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