Florida: Thieves Steal Gold Necklace From Blinged-Out Toddler

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Authorities in Florida said they are investigating after a pair of men stole a $300 gold chain from around the neck of a 2-year-old boy.

The Broward Sheriff`s Office said Paul Cintron, 2, of Oakland Park, Fla., was walking with a relative at Forest Park Apartments after spending an afternoon at the complex`s pool Saturday when two men approached and grabbed the toddler`s gold chain, which held a cross and an Italian horn charm.”


The bad guys in this incident aren`t the thieves,  the moron who put an expensive gold chain around the neck of a toddler is to blame.

I`ve heard about taking candy from a baby, but this caper really takes the cake. Who can blame the thieves, a gold chain around the neck of a toddler is an affront to God! A blinged-out baby is an abomination. And the thieves, if caught, should receive a key to the city of Oakland Park.

The baby suffered only a scratch on his chest; I hope the relative who was walking the wannabe baby gangsta got a lecture from the cops.

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