Florida Man Calls 911 To Make His Wife Go To Bed

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“A Florida man serving a 60-day jail sentence for misuse of 911 called the emergency line because his wife would not leave him alone to check his Facebook.

The Pasco County Sheriff`s Office said Doyle Hardwick, who began serving his sentence Tuesday, called 911 on Sept. 24 and told the dispatcher his wife refused to stop sitting next to him and go to bed.” UPI

A married woman may go on Facebook to play Farmville and Mob Wars, but dudes go on social media sites to try to hook up with a woman of easy virtue.

This horny husband was definitely facing an emergency: How can he make his spouse go to bed so he can fool around online? The woman told him that she would stop sitting next to him if he let her drink some beers, he gave her a beer but she reneged on her promise and refused to leave his side.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so the man called 911 to make his wife go to bed. The Facebook lover was charged with misuse of the 911 system and he is currently in the slammer.

These morons aren`t 20-somethings, they are both in their 50`s. The wife needs to give up the booze, and the husband needs to give up Facebook.

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