Burger King Employees Grab Robber When He Enters Through Drive-Thru Window

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“Police said they arrested a Florida man accused of jumping through a Burger King drive-through window and taking money from a register.

Fort Lauderdale police said Edwin Walker, 31, jumped through the window around 6:30 a.m. Monday morning and took money from a register before trying to jump back out.

However, employee Tanya Calvin grabbed Walker by the shirt before he could make good his escape and he was held by store employees until police arrived.”


This gentleman is taking Burger King`s slogan a bit too literally, you can`t have it your way and just help yourself to Burger King`s money.

Walker isn`t the brightest robber in the world, by jumping through the window he left himself in a very vulnerable position. He`s lucky another Burger King employee didn`t pummel him when he was in the grasp of Tanya Calvin.

Walker was charged with robbery, his bail was set at $10,00 and he was ordered to stay away from the Burger King. LOL, the moron should have been ordered to stay away from all fast food franchises, not just Burger King.

The hapless robber will be in jail for a while where he will be eating bologna sandwiches, not Big Whoppers.

Tanya is a brave and valuable employee, Burger King should reward her by letting her eat for free as long as she works for the fast food giant.

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