End of Time for Prada – Lack of Money May Cause the Pit Bull’s Death

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The deadline for saving Prada, the Nashville pit bull, ends today and the dog still needs money to stay alive. 

After over a year of fighting a legal battle for her life, pit bull Prada faces possible euthanasia today unless the bond ordered by the court, without which no appeal for her renewed trial can be filed. In other words, if her owner fails to get the $10, 000 bond today, Friday 3 pm, Prada will be killed by the shelter where she is being held captive since January last year.

With video evidence of the animal control staff mishandling Prada and the management claiming an infection that never was proved or probed into, Prada’s case has been one of abuse of the female pit bull by the authorities. Supporters on her facebook page repeatedly called the court’s decision for renewed trial “extortion” as it demanded thousands of dollars in bond for the appeal.

The authorities have also refused to let Tia Torres adopt Prada without any reason. Since then, donations have been requested for saving Prada’s life. But with the deadline already here, Prada’s owner still needs at least 6 thousand dollars to meet the court’s requirements. Without this bond money, appeal for Prada can’t be filed and the loving pet waiting for over a year to be released from her cage now faces death due to lack of money. It’s happening in Nashville!

To save Prada from death, anyone can donate any amount they like at the link http://www.youcaring.com/fundraiser_details?fundraiser_id=894&url=prada. Time is almost up for Prada. Today, we’ll see whether this abused and wrongly labeled dog can have a chance at life.

7 Responses to End of Time for Prada – Lack of Money May Cause the Pit Bull’s Death

  1. Lisa Miller

    With so many bad things happening in the world every day, why won’t Nashville do the right thing and let this animal go to Villalobos Animal Rescue? They have no basis to hold this dog when there are other options according to the law?

  2. Kenneth Snopkowski

    This is nothing short of Extortion!!!! Yet Animal Control abuses Animals and there is not even a reprimand for the handling of these dogs! I tell all of my friends don’t even waste a penny vacationing in Tennessee. Corruption i well alive in Nashville!!!!

  3. Karen Davis

    Coming from Nashville, this does not surprise me. Tennessee, in general, does not have a good reputation for saving animals. Look at what’s happening at the Memphis shelter. I’m sorry, but I don’t have much faith that the government in Nashville, or the state of Tennessee, will do the ‘right thing’ and let the dog be adopted. What IS it with this state that is so bent on killing animals!?!

  4. nicola armstrong

    just heartbreaking my thoughts go out to Prada’s family!

  5. Dianna Martin

    I agree that this is extortion to the full extent and by the government no less! Disgusting. If this dog is put down today, I will never support Nashville in anything ever again. This is horrible. That judge should be thrown out of the court system.

  6. JD Sagley

    We are very close to having the money now. Nicole is working out the details as I type this. Stay tuned to her facebook page for updates!!!!!

  7. Geraldine Faour

    These poor creatures deserve a chance in life, especially when it is not their fault that they are suffering. If we take care of them, they will really love us back and we will be rewarded.

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