Athena and Gage – Pit Bulls in Oregon Hope for Adoption as Deadline Arrives!

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Athena and Gage, a couple of female pit bulls in Oregon, hope for adoption to escape death at the animal control where they are being kept.

Named Athena and Gage, these are nice and friendly dogs at the Lane County Animal Services in Eugene, OR. They have been waiting for weeks for somebody to adopt them, as pit bulls are adoptable in Oregon, but their deadline to live has arrived while no one has stepped forward to take them in and save their life.

Their Petfinder page tells:

“They are so friendly and likable. They both know basic commands and seem to be housetrained. They like to cuddle with people. They also get along with other dogs. Adopters within Lane County will need to comply with the Potentially Dangerous Dog rules which are basically secure yard and kennel, no cats and wearing a muzzle when out of their yard.  These dogs are not dangerous to humans.”

A video of the dogs is available on YouTube. Those who would like to save these beautiful and friendly dogs, please contact , or call the Lane County Animal Services at 541-682-3647.

To donate for helping the Athena and Gage be adopted, please visit the donation page.

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