“Death in The Beginning” A Delicious Twisting Journey…

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“Mixing scientific fact with religious history and the supernatural, it moves readers relentlessly through a suspenseful tapestry of action.” – Lloyd H. Muller, author of Family Tales and Letters and Old Ghosts.

On Isla de la Palma in the Canary Island, archaeologist Dr. Curt Lohan makes a staggering discovery of an ancient cave. The walls contain thousands of exquisite frescoes dating to the dawn of man.

One week later, Curt is among the first to enter a newly discovered room in the 300-year-old Spanish Castillo-turned-National Monument in St. Augustine, Florida. To his dismay, a crazed man emerges and is killed by police. All indications suggest the man had been sealed in the room for centuries.

Curt soon uncovers a startling link between the cave in the Canary Islands and the man from the sealed room in the St. Augustine Castillo. But he quickly learns that there are those willing to kill to guard the secret. As Northeast Florida braces for a deadly hurricane, Curt will find himself in the middle of a monumental discovery unlike anything the world has ever known. It is a truth that could change the fate of Mankind forever…and signal the end of humanity.

What readers are saying on Amazon about Death in the Beginning –

–”Set in St. Augustine, Florida…this fast paced novel is extremely gripping.”

–”A captivating read with religious, historical and archaeological intrigue.”

–”The plot is very beautifully woven, and the historical and Biblical accuracy make for a very compelling story line.”

–”The characters draw you into the story and capture your imagination. St. Augustine is the perfect setting for this action-thriller!”

–”My first ebook purchase kept me thoroughly entertained with every twist and turn.”


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