Prada’s Day of Judgment in Nashville Today

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The now famous case of the pit bull Prada has entered its final stage with Prada’s life still hanging in uncertainty.  

The hours for deciding the fate of Prada, the death row pit bull in Nashville, Tennessee, are entering the final moment as the court today will decide whether to uphold her execution or file an appeal for her life. But what does the animal control holding Prada for euthanasia want?

The case has attracted wide attention and international support has been shown for Prada’s life who has been held captive since January 2011 and on trial for life. Prada has been called ‘vicious’ by the animal control staff, on which basis the court sentenced her to death last year. But video evidence showing the holes in the control staff’s story has brought the case into a new light with Prada’s owner and supporters calling for a fair trial.

Lately, Tia Torres has offered to take Prada from the shelter. But the concerned animal control officer, the ‘boss’ at the shelter seems to thinking otherwise. Prada’s supporters tell that animal control officer Judy Ladebauche has been refusing to sign the papers to let Prada go to Tia Torres while it has been pointed out that the court has no right here—the animal control does.

The animal control, on the other hand, has been unresponsive to media calls to give an update on what the case in like on end. Prada’s supporters worry that the animal control wants to see Prada dead no matter what; and so is refusing to hand Prada over to Tia Torres – the best solution that seems to be acceptable to all other parties involved.

If the animal control management clings to its refusal to keep Prada captive and try her for ‘viciousness’, Prada’s life will depend on the availability of finds to file an appeal for saving her life. In such a case, a long legal fight is expected. At the moment, Prada continues to be in need of urgent funds and caring people are donating online to save her life.

To donate to Prada’s cause, please follow the link.

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