13-Year-Old Kid: I Stole AK-47 Cause I’m Sure Mom Wouldn’t Buy Me One

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“A Florida teenager said he stole an AK-47 assault rifle because he was pretty sure his mom would never buy him one, sheriff`s detectives said.

The 13-year-old was charged with grand theft of a firearm this week after the weapon and several rounds of ammunition were discovered under his bed.”


This young man has a very logical mind, he`s bound to have a successful criminal career as a lawyer or a bookie. The 13-year-old kid reasoned that his mother wouldn`t buy him an AK-47, so naturally he stole one.

The young punk can use this type of reasoning to justify any number of crimes. “I used my mom`s credit card to pay for an escort, because I`m pretty sure that my mom would never let me order an escort from the “Girls Gone Wild Escort Club.”

The resourceful boy stole the rifle from a home in Spring Hill where his mother worked as a housekeeper. A reminder to homeowners to keep their firearms in a secure place, if they have contractors or housekeepers drop in when they are not there.

Somebody needs to put the fear of God into that kid, because I`m pretty sure his mother never will.

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One Response to 13-Year-Old Kid: I Stole AK-47 Cause I’m Sure Mom Wouldn’t Buy Me One

  1. Kevin

    Yep – you certainly can’t fault this kid’s logic…..lol

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