Fort Myers Naked Burglar Steals Bottle Of Captain Morgan Rum

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“Police arrested a naked burglar after a girl found the man in her home with a bottle of liquor in hand.

Skylar Adams, 14, was in her bedroom when she heard someone in the kitchen. She saw a naked man leaning into the pantry while holding a bottle of Captain Morgan rum.”


The article doesn`t explain why the burglar, Kennan Kluesener, 47, was naked. That`s the very first question the intrepid reported from KPLCTV should have asked the burglar.

I`m also interested why Kluesener stole a bottle of Captain Morgan rum, you`d think he would have stolen underpants first.

The homeowner John Adams, and a neighbor with a neighbor toting a gun held the naked burglar at gunpoint until the deputies arrived.

Adams was kind enough to give the burglars some underwear before he went to jail.

Moral of this story: If you are a burglar please make sure that you wear some drawers, and if you are a homeowner make sure you own a gun to protect your family and property.

Kluesener was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and petit theft.

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