Floridians Deserve the Absolute Best!

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“Dear Editor,

As I’ve been traveling in Orlando and around the state, I’ve heard Floridians from every corner say one thing, “We need elected officials who really know what it is to live and to make ends meet in this tough economy.” As your next Congresswoman, you can count on me to be your voice.

My mother worked as a maid and my father did anything he could to help us make ends meet. We didn’t have much growing up, but my parents taught my six siblings and I that if we worked hard, we could achieve anything. After graduating from Jacksonville’s public schools and FSU, I spent my early career as a Social Worker focused on foster care and then joined the police force in Orlando.  I worked my way up from a patrol officer on midnight shift to become the first female Chief of Police in Orlando’s history.

I want to continue to make a positive difference in Florida, which is why I am running for Congress against Dan Webster in Florida’s 10th Congressional District. Learn more about my campaign today at www.valdemings.com.

I’ve heard from families struggling in today’s economy, but together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

• Putting the needs of everyday people ahead of politics. At a time when people are concerned about their jobs and taking care of themselves and loved ones, our representatives in Washington should be focused on jobs and the economy, not political games.

• Protecting Social Security & Medicare. Our seniors have worked hard and paid into the system and deserve to be able to retire in their golden years with a sense of security and dignity.

• Being open and available to the people. Unlike my Tea Party opponent, I will not hide from my constituents, nor would I ever put those that disagree with me on a “watch list”. Public service is an honor and privilege and should be treated as such.

I am hopeful for the future and I know we can achieve these goals, and more, if we work together.  Floridians deserve the absolute best, and we deserve someone who will stand on their record and continue fighting for the issues we care so deeply about.

Our campaign is gaining momentum; I have been endorsed by Emily’s List and named to the DCCC’s prestigious Red to Blue program. Please join with me to build the grassroots campaign needed to win and bring our message to Washington. Donate Here.


Val Demings”

P.S.  I would be honored to have your support. You can donate here or can learn more about our campaign or send us a message online at www.valdemings.com.

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