Who’s your favorite? The dark handsome stranger who stole an angel’s heart?

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A YA Contest That Readers will LOVE!

Who’s YOUR  Pick For The Ultimate Hero?


Yes, there are “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” ultimate superfans.  But, NOW, along comes a new contest based on the YA book that’s being touted as the “Best of 2012.”


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Book I of The Angel Chronicles


This angel/warrior team is tearing up the internet – the blogs – the boards…In every corner of the YA scene, this phenomenal book is being called:




“A Love Triangle You Will Not Believe!”


The fans Have been picking their favorite hero…


Team Matt


Team Jason


Who’s your favorite? 

The dark handsome stranger who stole an angel’s heart?

Or, the mighty warrior who will fight for her soul!


Join the contest today! 

Make the winning ‘button’ design and it will be featured on


And promotional material galore!

Submit your entries to  by March 1, 2012.

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