It’s Time for the Brighter Side of the Young Adult Genre!

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It’s Time for the Brighter Side of the Young Adult Genre!


Unlike the throng of dystopian and vampire YA’s that lean towards the darker, more sarcastic side of life, these angels show young adults how to handle broken hearts and broken dreams – the growing pains that everyone goes through – by keeping their belief and faith in one another intact. History is blended with fun and entertainment, as well as scenes that teach teens about worth, and how to face struggles head on as you stand by the side of another – through each and every battle that takes place. Although there are religious overtones, this is not a “preachy” story; it appeals to all, and allows readers to take a look at the harshness of life while finding love.

Readers of YA fiction, inspirational fiction, historical fiction and romance, will be extremely happy to have a book about angels that’s not based on darkness and fear. Although the love stories throughout have struggles and things to overcome, as all first loves do, the strength of the angel/warrior team and the entertaining moments with all their teachers (which will have readers laughing) shows the lighter side of life. Matt and Emily do not preach, and although issues of the heart are faced, these characters are not turned into the standard “Romeo and Juliet” tragedy. These characters are ones that readers can grab onto like friends, and follow their adventures through history as they chase their dreams and deal with human life.

Readership is highly varied with these books. YA’s are a huge crowd that would love this type of angelic fiction for the powerful love story, but break away from the dark tragedies filling the marketplace. As we all can see, the market is slowly heading away from vampires and straight into the angelic world.

Readers of historicals will love the locales – with early 19th century Ireland being focused on in book one while in book two, the Golden Age of New York City is brought to life.

Inspirational readership is a focus of these novels because the thoughts, the “up above” moments where well-known archangels and saints provide laughter and a look at the “other side” that is filled with fun, family and friends, restores faith to masses of people that have lost theirs. Present-day news stories are hideous – from war to a broken economy to terrorism to novels that are focusing on everything from drugs to suicide. Emily, Matt and their circle of friends are all focused on adventure, strength, courage, love and restoring belief in something other than the “bad side” of life.

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