Insanity: Florida Judge Orders Domestic Violence Defendant To Take Wife Bowling

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“A Florida judge ordered a man arrested for domestic violence to treat his wife to a night of dinner and bowling and undergo marriage counseling.

Judge John Jay` Hurley imposed the conditions on Joseph Bray, 47, of Plantation, after Bray`s wife told the court she was not injured and was not in fear of her husband, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday.

The arrest report said Bray and his wife argued when he failed to wish her a happy birthday. Bray allegedly pushed his wife onto the couch, placed his hand on her neck and held up his fist. Bray did not strike his wife during the incident, Hurley said.


This is the type of “slap on the wrist” punishment that women receive when they assault men. Domestic violence should always be taken seriously, regardless if the offender is a male or female.

Judge Hurley described the violent incident as “very, very minor.” Not to put to fine a point on it but the judge is a moron, when a man pushes his wife onto the couch, places his hand on her neck, and holds up his balled fist, that`s assault and battery.

Joseph Bray doesn`t need to treat himself to a night of dinner and bowling with his wife, he needs to spend a few weeks in jail eating bolgona sandwiches, and when he`s released he should be forced to attend anger management classes.

Judge Hurley should be impeached or recalled, and lectured by Judge Judy for good measure.

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