Which Presidential Candidate Held Up Florida McDonald’s Wearing Obama Mask?

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“Police in Florida said they are working to identify a man who wore a mask modeled after the face of President Barack Obama while robbing a McDonald`s.

Police said the man, described as 6 feet tall and approximately 170 pounds, fled in a northeast direction with about $1,000 cash.”


There are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around, here are a few possible culprits:

*Mitt Romney

Florida is a swing state that Romney must win if he is to have any hopes of beating Obama. By holding up the McDonald`s, Romney is killing two birds with one stone: Discrediting Obama, and getting more money for his campaign.


We all know that Michelle doesn`t let her hubby eat any junk food. What better disguise for Obama to wear than an Obama mask? Obama probably grabbed a Big Mac and fries one his way out of the Golden Arches.

*Newt Gingrich

Gingrich looks like a bloated elephant. I bet he robbed the McDonald`s, getting away with $1,000 and a thousand Big Macs.

*Ron Paul

Paul held up the fast food joint as a political statement, arguing that the Constitution gives us the right to do anything, including robbing a McDonald`s.

*Rick Santorum

Santorum is outraged that McDonald`s doesn`t include anti-abortion pamphlets in its Happy Meals.

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