Video: Florida Couple Thrilled With Their Kitten Born With Two Faces

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“A Florida family said they were shocked when their cat gave birth to a kitten with two faces, a condition known as diprosopus.

Nash Hand and his wife, Amanda Forsythe, of Suncoast, said their cat, Nene, gave birth Monday and they were shocked to see the kitten had two faces, a condition that earns such felines the nickname Janus cat, after the Roman god with two faces, WWSB-TV, Sarasota, Fla., reported Thursday.” UPI

The Florida couple named the kitten Harvey Dent. after the Batman villain Two-Face. They should have named the cute little creature Mitt Romney, after the most two-faced politician in American history.

In spite of his two faces Harvey is in good health, his respiration and heart rate are normal. Harvey is destined to live a happy life with a couple who adore him.

The couple put up a message on Craigslist seeking advice on how to raise and take care of their unusual kitty. They were shocked when they received many replies condemning them for wanting to raise an “abomination.” A kitty with two faces isn`t an abomination, he`s a blessing.  A politician who can be mistaken for a weather vane, now that`s an abomination.

We need to learn to see beauty in everything and everyone, don`t judge a book by its cover.

Link to video of the adorable kitten:

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