Deltona Dude Spots Girlfriend’s Stolen Car From Bus

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“Police in Florida said a man who was forced to ride the bus to work when his girlfriend`s car was stolen spotted the vehicle during his commute.”

The boyfriend called 911 from the bus (was he borrowing his girlfriend`s phone) to report he had spotted the car, and the cops caught up with the vehicle and arresting the driver and a passenger.

The unnamed boyfriend was forced to ride the bus to work, because his girlfriend`s car was stolen.This dude should grow up, be a man, and buy his own damn car. I would never rely on a woman for transportation or anything else.

But I have to give the man credit for having a job, it makes my blood boil when I see a woman supporting a boyfriend because she`s afraid to be alone.

The thieves said that the stolen car was unlocked, and the keys were inside. The moocher boyfriend and his girlfriend might as well have left a few bucks inside the car to help out the thieves with gas money.

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