Waterless Urinals In Boca Raton High Schools Leak (Not Water)

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“Officials say they have started repairs on the waterless urinals at Florida high school after they began springing leaks of liquids that were not water.

Palm Beach County school officials said the problem was caused by corrosive gases created by urine that have eaten away the copper plumbing over the years. The lack of water in the waterless systems means the urine isn`t flushed away, allowing the fumes to build up in the system.”


There is a special place in hell reserved for environmentalists who come up with environmentally-safe contraptions that don`t work and make our lives miserable.

The electric hand dryers in restrooms simply don`t work, I always end up drying my hands on my pants. And now these morons have come up with waterless urinals, wonderful.

Students and staff at Spanish River High School have to sidestep rivers of urine that are flowing not only in the restrooms, but in the hallways.

Dear Lord, I can only imagine what`s next. Will there be toilet stalls with no toilet paper? Instead there will be a vacuum to suck up your waste?

It will cost over half a million dollars for repairs, great job simpletons!

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