Daytona Beach Woman, 64, Holds Suspect At Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive

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“A 22-year-old car theft suspect tried to elude police Tuesday morning, but was stopped in his tracks when he was confronted by a gun-toting 64-year-old woman.

Karen Granville helped officers catch Roderick Willis, 22, Daytona Beach police said.”

“She saw Willis run into her backyard and try to scale her fence. Granville grabbed her .38 Special revolver and followed him.“My adrenaline was just flowing at 100 mph,` she said. `I just said, `Stop right there (expletive), or you`re going to be dead where you stand.`”

News Sources: UPI Odd News and the Daytona Beach News Journal

The elderly woman was watching “Rio Bravo” when she noticed all the commotion outside her home. When she saw the suspect trying to scale her fence to leave her backyard, instead of letting him go, she stopped him dead in his tracks. She channeled her inner John Wayne, grabbed her revolver, and told the varmint he would be a dead Pilgrim if he so much as moved a muscle.

This punk was nabbed by an old woman, his street cred is blown to hell, and his fellow jailbirds will have their way with him.

If a burglar were trying to break into my home, I would blow him away, and to hell with the legal ramifications. But if an intruder was trying to leave my backyard, I wouldn`t try to stop him. This old granny has a lot of gumption, she held the creep at gunpoint until the cops arrived. I hope somebody starts a Facebook page in her honor, the whole world should know about her courage.

The courageous old lady said she had to drink a glass of wine after the incident to calm her nerves. A gun-toting grandma, who curses and drinks, don`t you just love it? Forget Obama and Romney, I`d vote for her.

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