Boxes Of Moonshine Leads To Evacuation Of Jensen Beach Post Office

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“Authorities in Florida said the mysterious liquid behind the evacuation of a U.S. Post Office was found to be moonshine.

Martin County Sheriff`s Office spokeswoman Rhonda Irons said officials examined the contents of the boxes and found one of them contained a broken jar labeled `moonshine.`”


A post office is evacuated, two employees are taken to the hospital for evaluation during the incident, and air monitoring is conducted, before officials finally examine the contents of the boxes and discover a jar labeled “moonshine.”

It doesn`t take a Sherlock Holmes, a rocket scientist or a moonshiner to crack this case. But it does take government officials forever to determine that the substance was possibly moonshine.

We are a nation of wimps, a dozen cowards stand around the box, before somebody finally decides to examine the contents.

A spokesperson said he doesn`t know if the moonshine was legal. Wikipedia definition of moonshine: Moonshine (meaning illicit distillation, also called white lightning, mountain dew, hooch, “Tennessee white whiskey”, is an illegally produced distilled beverage. Dude, I would guess it`s illegal as hell.

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