Canine Dimensions Benefits Our Growing Senior Community

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Canine Dimensions Benefits Our Growing Senior Community.


With the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation garnering more and more headlines in the past few months regarding in-home senior care, there is another important issue that has been cropping up regarding ‘companions’ for this sector of the population.  More and more seniors want to stay at home; they wish to live on their own terms and not head to facilities or nursing homes for their ‘golden years.’  Which brings us to the very important subject of pets.


Ninety percent of us can look back in time and recall a dog that was the one and only loyal friend who was by our side. They played an extremely important role in our lives – a role that increases as we age. As we grow older, knowing that we’re loved by family and friends isn’t necessarily enough, and that need to feel needed and appreciated increases. A dog truly fulfills this need because they depend on their owners for care and attention. In return, these pets offer love and unconditional approval.  Not only that, but seniors also get the added benefit of protection, as they choose to stay in their own homes by themselves.


More and more studies and reports have been released by the American Medical Association that actually show that petting a dog lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patients, and that seniors have also shown improved alertness when caring for a pet.  A dog also has the ability to curb the depression that can set in as we age, watching our lives change and friends lost along the way.  Having a dog helps us to heal because of their nurturing ability, and can even encourage their owners to be more physically active just by playing with them.  A canine is the ultimate prescription for better health, offering amusement, laughter, and improvement in our overall morale.


An issue, however, that many seniors face after the dog is adopted, comes when this new family member arrives with behavior problems that need to be worked on. That’s why  Canine Dimensions In-home Dog Training company has special training programs for seniors and their dogs.


Owning a well-trained dog is a fantastic experience because it alleviates any worries the owner may have.  Not only that, training helps build a strong bond of trust between owner and dog, because it trains your dog to look to you for approval in everything he does.  With in-home dog obedience training, the relationship between you and your dog can reach its full potential, and is the very foundation upon which an unbreakable bond of loyalty, respect and trust between their owner and themselves can be built.  In fact, when you think about it, dog obedience training is the greatest gift you can give your dog.  And in addition, the greatest gift you can give yourself or your elderly loved one who truly needs the companionship as well as the mental and physical ‘boost’ that owning a dog can bring.


In recent months we have spoken about one very important side of this particular company – the financial opportunities that come with opening a franchise of Canine Dimensions.  From financial outlooks to reports from the U.S. government, the data and figures have arrived on the scene that speak in-depth about the wealth of entrepreneurs who are seeking a lucrative opportunity in the franchise world, and finding it with Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Training.  They have gotten on board with Phil Guida, the founder of Canine Dimensions, who invested his time into exploring the modern science of holistic dog training.  Unlike other dog-training businesses, Mr. Guida took his idea one step further by taking into account the existing dog training programs and combining them with innovative and intuitive methodologies based on the observations of how dogs communicate with one another. This has become such an extraordinary system and ‘school of thought,’ that dog obedience training has been lifted to a higher level because of the work that Canine Dimensions has done.


Canine Dimensions became a solid franchise opportunity because of the work they do, and seniors are a definite faction in today’s world who need to make sure that their dog is trained by the very best people in order to make them feel comfortable in their new environment, address any aggressive tendencies the dog may have, and teach them how to be the best ‘partner’ for the senior living at home.


People have come to see that the Canine Dimensions certified in-home dog trainers can help solve all dog behavior problems.  For any age, breed or size, Canine Dimensions works with the owner to transform their canine into a polite, well-mannered dog who follows their every command.  They show owners how to establish good communication, and teach the basic dog obedience commands, as well as good leash manners.  And if your dog happens to show fear or aggression issues, the Canine Dimensions proven training protocols are second to none.  Everything this company does is humane, vet recommended and effective.


It is important to note that there are thousands of animal shelters in theUnited Stateswhere most seniors go to purchase their new friend.  But some dogs have been brought to these shelters because of behavioral reasons, which can end up causing a tough relationship that concludes with the dog being returned to the shelter.  This hurts both the dog and their owner, as they realize that the bond can not be made and they give up on trying.


Among many stellar recommendations that come along with this company, the Canine Dimensions founder was even featured in the Association of Pet Dog Trainers book, titled “Top Tips from Top Trainers,” offering advice on several topics including excessive barking, exercise and play, obedience training, training acceptable alternative behaviors and teaching dogs the “drop-it” command.  There are a tremendous amount of resources showing potential dog owners that Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Trainers are the absolute best avenue for any dog owner to use in order to begin building a lifetime relationship with their dog.


As we all know the world runs on a very hectic schedule, and for those who have a senior member of their family living alone who they truly worry about, a dog is the gift that can be given to alleviate the pressure and tension of constant worry.  And with the help of Canine Dimensions, that ‘gift’ becomes one that instills happiness to the dog owner, and brings a feeling of joy into the life of a person who truly needs it.


Until Next Time, Everybody.


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