Ms. Magazine Arrives In Mail To Coral Gables Man — 25 Years Late

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“Marc Smit of Coral Gables, Fla., says he often complains the mail`s late, but never as late as the Ms. magazine that arrived Tuesday — dated February 1976.”


Smit isn`t an emasculated male, he doesn`t subscribe to Ms .magazine, it was addressed to somebody who lived in his house before he moved in.

Everybody would agree that a 1976 issue of Ms. magazine in your mail box is an anachronism, but I would argue that any magazine is an anachronism. By the time a magazine reaches your home, a gazillion news cycles have sped by, a magazine is old news as soon as it is printed.

Even a newspaper is old news by the time the news boy tosses it into your rose garden. In these days of 24/7 cable news, and the Internet, people who subscribe to magazines should be ostracized for killing trees and ridiculed for being behind the times.

Burning bras and magazines belong in the ash heap of history.

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