Horrible Fish Washes Up On Delray Beach

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“Carolyn Hoffman was walking along the beach in Delray Beach on Jan. 5 with her husband when something odd caught her eye.

A long, ribbon-shaped fish with a large, bulging eye had washed up in the surf.”


It`s usually summer when horrendous creatures, like the Mantauk Monster, wash up on the shore, but it`s always summer in Florida.

Carolyn`s husband is a fisherman, and he didn`t recognize the strange creature. I don`t want to cause a panic in Delray Beach, but commonsense tells me that there`s more than one of those creatures lurking in the water.

Palm Beach Atlantic University Biology Professor Ray Waldner, an ichthyologist (somebody who knows a hell about fish) said the creature is probably an oarfish, or maybe a dealfish. In other words the fish expert is clueless, it could also be a monster from the deep.

The residents of Delray Beach will need suntan lotion and a lot of courage when they sunbathe on the beach.

Click this link to see photo of the horrible creature:


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