Florida Lady Beats Hubby With Hammer: Furious He Was Watching Judge Judy

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“A Florida woman who reportedly became incensed while watching TV`s Judge Judy was arrested Sunday after she allegedly struck her husband on the head with a hammer.

According to a Jupiter Police Department report, Janet Knowles, 62, attacked Larry Knowles, 65, since `she was upset because Judge Judy was on the television,` and `Larry was watching Judge Judy and that made her mad.` The syndicated program stars Judith Sheindlin, an irascible former New York jurist.”


Pulp Fiction`s moral ambiguity, non-linear narrative and graphic violence are virtues, not faults that detract from its status as one of the greatest films of all-time. I`ve never felt compelled to gun down innocent persons after watching a violent film like Pulp Fiction or The Godfather.

However if a loved one is sitting next to me when Judge Judy`s face comes on the TV screen, even for just a second, I might just grab the remote control, or a hammer and beat the holy hell out them until they cry “uncle” or “Judge Judy is the Antichrist.”

If you are scheduled to appear in Judge Judy`s court you would be well-advised to take a tranquilizer and bring a change of underwear.

I find nothing odd about this story, it is a perfectly normal and sane reaction for a woman to beat her husband with a hammer for watching Judy Judy.

The moral of this story isn`t “ban hammers”, but cancel Judge Judy. If the loathsome show is canceled the crime rate is likely to plummet.


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