Florida Family Dollar Manager Steals Customer’s iPad

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“Police in Florida said they arrested a store manager who falsely told a customer she did not have her lost iPad.

The Collier County Sheriff`s Office said the victim told deputies she left her iPad at the Family Dollar store in Gulfgate Plaza in East Naples and store manager Veronica Damaso, 23, was acting suspicious when she returned to the store and asked if it had been turned in, the Naples Daily News reported Friday.”


Somebody who works at a Family Dollar store will probably never be able to afford an iPad, but that doesn`t give Damaso the right to steal one. The Kindle Fire may not have all the bells and whistles of the much more expensive iPad, but it`s a perfectly serviceable tablet. If you are on a Family Dollar budget, you should save to buy a Kindle instead of stealing an iPad.

Damaso fessed up when they asked her for the store`s surveillance video, it would have been hard for Damaso to argue that she`s innocent, when the video shows her taking the iPad.

iPad isn`t gone to launch a marketing campaign featuring Damaso with the slogan: Our iPads are so cool that folks steal them. Damaso would be well-advised to go to college so she won`t be working at Family Dollar for the rest of her life.

The victim must be very happy to get her iPad back, I`m sure she is using it to send instant messages to all her friends warning them not to shop at the Family Dollar store.

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