A New Career Path as a Canine Dimensions Franchisee

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A New Career Path as a Canine Dimensions Franchisee


Over the past few months we have been talking about the incredible company, Canine Dimensions.  The really fantastic news of late, is that all the reports and studies that have been released by the U.S. Department of Labor have stated that the pet business is absolutely booming. Not to mention, the franchising opportunities for this particular industry have grown astronomically – with more and more people choosing to leave their ‘day jobs’ to embark on a career that will bring them financial freedom and offer them the benefits of happiness and fulfillment.


Canine Dimensions is the premier dog obedience professionals that many people wish to work with.  They not only want to use their services, but they also want to become a part of the Canine Dimensions team.  This is the employment they have been looking for, and many are seeing 2012 as the time to change their lives and open a Canine Dimensions franchise in their own backyard.


Over the weeks we have been speaking with franchise owners who brought Canine Dimensions to their ‘neighborhood.’  Each one has had a different background and various reasons as to why this franchise opportunity was the one they wished to get on board with.  It is no surprise, seeing as that the certified dog trainers of Canine Dimensions perform unique services, coming into your home and offering the absolute best dog obedience training there is by using the method that was established by Phil Guida – the creator of this company.


It is the modern science of holistic dog training that is at the core of Canine Dimensions; a truly innovative and intuitive methodology that is based on the observations of how dogs communicate with one another and their human counterparts. As we’ve stated, this has become such an extraordinary system and ‘school of thought,’ that dog obedience training has been lifted to a much higher level because of the superior work of Canine Dimensions.


This week, we are going to look at the South Florida Regional Dog Training Director – Jason Wester, CDBA.  This is a man who is the premier dog trainer in theFort Lauderdale area ofSouth Florida.


Jason has always had a love of animals.  His first dog as a child was a retired military dog – a German Shepherd named, Trampus.  From that very early moment in his life, Jason Wester always knew that dogs would play an essential part of his future.  It was only a few years ago that Jason lost his eleven-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Jake, who passed away suddenly.  This is the time that Jason believed he would never own a dog again, because of the huge amount of pain that came with the loss of his friend.


“However,” Jason said, “The undeniable and unconditional love a dog offers sometimes makes up for their short lives.”  This is so true from a dog owner’s perspective.  These amazing friends give so much love and companionship during their lives that to lose them is simply heartbreaking, but they will always be remembered and beloved in their owner’s heart.


It was about a year later that Jason Wester began fostering dogs and volunteering at several animal shelters. There he met and adopted his current dog, Cooper.  This passion for dogs, and their ability to create a special bond with their owners, is what made Jason want to understand dogs and their behavior even more, thus allowing him to make the decision to become a professional dog trainer.


After earning his Masters degree and enjoying a successful business career, Jason said ‘so long’ to the corporate world in order to pursue his dream of becoming a professional dog trainer.  And, today, Jason Wester is Canine Dimensions’ Regional Dog Training Director for South Florida andFort Lauderdale.  His stellar reputation for training and rehabilitating so-called ‘difficult’ dogs – including those with household behavior problems and fear issues – has earned him special recognition among his peers.


It was just recently that Pompano Today Magazine called Jason:  A dog trainer for the new millennium.


As a Certified Dog Behavior Advisor, Jason has been recognized by the nation’s most prestigious dog trainers associations: the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the International Association of Canine Professionals.  He is also certified by the American Kennel Club as a CGC evaluator.  From the in-home Puppy GoodStart™ program, to in-home dog obedience training and behavior modification, Jason Wester has all the bases covered when it comes to helping, training and providing for ‘man’s best friend.’


The article that Pompano Today Magazine offered about Jason Wester truly unveils the type of man he is.  In this first of a seven-series story, an eight-week-old puppy named Cosmo entered the lives of a family who was truly expecting a “faithful, calm, quiet, dignified companion.” They wished for a dog who would sleep at the foot of their son’s bed and “rescue him from any and all boyhood mayhem he could dream up.”  However, when this family attempted to socialize Cosmo – with nightly walks, trips to the dog park, etc. – the training simply wasn’t working.


It was only a few months after Cosmo’s very first birthday that he bit an eighty-eight-year-old Grandma on the leg – just one act of aggression that Cosmo exhibited.  What the family needed was a trusted and effective trainer, which they found in Jason Wester. They called him and signed up for his six-month program, which began with a two and a half hour introductory session in their home.


Jason Wester proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was the most reliable, dependable and knowledgeable provider of in-home dog training that could possibly be found in South Florida.  And armed with all of this skill and talent, Jason Wester began to transform Cosmo into that ‘perfect’ family dog.


The company, Canine Dimensions, is revered for just that – humane, dog-friendly dog training methods that have helped their clients since 1996.  Jason Wester and all of the Canine Dimensions’ franchisees across the country, are certified and have completed an internship program designed to train them in every level of dog obedience training, dog correction training, dog behavior modification and pack structure. And again, perhaps most importantly, people all over the nation are currently changing the path of their lives and looking at 2012 as a new beginning.

For anyone who truly loves dogs and has a definite yearning and desire to work in the industry, Canine Dimensions has not only become a thrilling franchise opportunity, but it is one that will not disappear during this tough economic market. By opening a franchise of Canine Dimensions in your own ‘backyard,’ you get the benefit of working at a job you love, while at the same time receiving the security of joining a proven franchise system.  And, as we’ve said before, Canine Dimensions was built on heart – so there is no way to go wrong by joining this incredible team.


This week will be all about family, friends, and sitting around dinner tables experiencing the joy of the holidays.  In a large percentage of homes our other family members – the beloved canines – will be right beside us during our celebrations.  Always remember that they are a huge part of our family who deserve the best possible care!  YOU can bring them that, and become part of an industry that is growing larger by the minute!  Research Canine Dimensions today!


Until Next Time, Everybody!

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