Ocala Cops Pull Over DUI Suspect With $140 Bar Tab Receipt In His Pocket

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“Police in Florida say a drunken driving suspect who said he had only two drinks had a receipt in his pocket showing a nearly $140 bar tab.”


Bradley Garrison, 40, was driving a Hummer when he was stopped by the cops, after they received reports of a possible drunken driver.

Garrison, like a typical alcoholic was in denial, and told the cops he had only two drinks. When other commuters notice you are driving erratically, and the police write in their report that you smell of alcohol, and there`s a $140 bar tab receipt in your pocket — you are as drunk as a skunk.

Alcoholics don`t just lie to police, they also lie to their friends and family, even when it`s obvious they have a problem. Garrison was driving a behemoth Hummer, he could have done a lot of damage if he hadn`t been pulled over by the cops.

The drivers who were sharing the road with this idiot did the right thing by alerting the authorities. If you have a drunk friend who is about to get behind the wheel, try to persuade him to take a cab instead, and if he doesn`t listen to you, call the cops. You will be doing the right thing and doing him a favor as well, many alcoholics don`t try to overcome their addiction until they land behind bars.

Garrison was taken to Marion County Jail, he was so inebriated he couldn`t complete a breath alcohol test because he was hurling chunks.

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