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Deltona Dude Spots Girlfriend’s Stolen Car From Bus

“Police in Florida said a man who was forced to ride the bus to work when his girlfriend`s car was stolen spotted the vehicle during his commute.” UPI The boyfriend called 911 from the bus (was he borrowing his girlfriend`s phone) to report he had spotted the car, and the cops caught up with the […]


THE FRAY TO PERFORM AT ST. AUGUSTINE AMPHITHEATRE FRIDAY, MAY 4th, 2012     The Fray will take the stage at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre on Friday, May 4th as part of a tour in support of their upcoming release, Scars & Stories, in stores on February 7th.   The Fray is Isaac Slade (pianist/vocalist), Joe King (guitarist/vocalist), […]

AFC Wrap-Up: The Kick Heard Round the World!

AFC Wrap-Up:  The Kick Heard Round the World!   Well…it’s over.  And no – I’m sorry, folks – this should not have happened.  We should have had two games go into overtime yesterday and the outcomes of BOTH should have been different.   Yes, I know, I know – New York and Massachusetts are all […]

“Down in the Keys” A Concert with Ben Harrison

HARRISON GALLERY invites you… Tickets are also available at Harrison Gallery305 294 0609

Epic Pile-Up On Interstate 75 In Florida Kills Ten

“A long line of cars and trucks collided one after another early Sunday on a dark Florida highway so shrouded in haze and smoke that drivers were instantly blinded. At least 10 people were killed. Authorities were still trying to determine what caused the pileup south of Gainesville on Interstate 75, which had been closed […]

Demented Denizens (Stairway to Heaven)

Demented Denizens are the creation of illustrator and cartoonist Brian Zaikowski. Den.i.zen (noun formal or humorous,  an inhabiant or occupant of a particular place: Denizens of field and forest.

Unveiling the Perfect Franchise Family!

Unveiling the Perfect Franchise Family!   One of the biggest headlines in all newspapers and magazines across the country – not to mention the “Money Talk” that covers television shows and the mighty Web – is the world of franchising.  The beauty of franchising is taking center stage, unveiling to all who listen that after […]

The World of Sports Goes Green!

The World of Sports Goes Green!   Seeing as that this next couple of weeks is going to be dedicated to all sports all the time, we are going to take a look into the changes the sports world is making in the area of environmentally sound services, updating stadiums, etc.   Every week we […]

Waterless Urinals In Boca Raton High Schools Leak (Not Water)

“Officials say they have started repairs on the waterless urinals at Florida high school after they began springing leaks of liquids that were not water. Palm Beach County school officials said the problem was caused by corrosive gases created by urine that have eaten away the copper plumbing over the years. The lack of water […]

Boxes Of Moonshine Leads To Evacuation Of Jensen Beach Post Office

“Authorities in Florida said the mysterious liquid behind the evacuation of a U.S. Post Office was found to be moonshine. Martin County Sheriff`s Office spokeswoman Rhonda Irons said officials examined the contents of the boxes and found one of them contained a broken jar labeled `moonshine.`” UPI A post office is evacuated, two employees are […]