Florida Lady Arrested For Hurling Pink Paint At Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Vehicle

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“A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly throwing pink paint on her ex-boyfriend and his car at the parking lot where he works, police said.

Hallandale police said Tasha Franklin, 25, of Hollywood, and her ex-boyfriend split up in July, but she showed up at the parking lot where he works a few days before Christmas and threw pink paint on the man and his car before dipping her own hand in paint and leaving an imprint on his front seat.”


Women really know where to hit a man where it hurts, this she-devil vandalized her ex-boyfriend`s vehicle (with pink paint no less), jeopardized his job, and bit him in the arm. He`s lucky she didn`t kick him in the nuts for good measure.

This incident illustrated the unfair application of domestic battery laws, women can get away with murder (literally and figuratively), but if a man gives a woman an ugly stare, he`s thrown in the slammer.

I bet that most folks who read the UPI article got a good chuckle out of it, but if the man had been the aggressor they would have expressed outrage.

The spiteful woman was charged with dating battery, burglary of the victim`s vehicle and criminal mischief.

A judge ordered the psycho woman to stay away from her ex-boyfriend, and all weapons, including paint. The clueless judge should have thrown her in jail, instead of cracking jokes.

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