High Five-N Billionaire on Dec19 2011

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I Am High Five-N My Billionaire Boldness Expressing Golden Wisdom
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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I am high five-n my billionaire boldness expressing golden wisdom… whimsically wheeling intuitive declarations opening mammoth money-making universal opportunities…
To sing in unison with my sired desires– and daily trifecta’s that are my ‘perfecta’s’ when I high-five-n my lithe listening correlating communicating and expanding.
My -seer acuity- to understand the universal vista in where my omnific oneness… is my undaunted uniqueness showcasing my sleek meek truth seeker expressing.
My pure keen genuine genius opens this perky prophesizing paradigm “I am the spiritual seer relishing my spiritual experience” because I realize encompass the galvanizing gall.
To gallantly -applaud laudable- my love ‘living out-loud visualizing’ everything as opportunity to expand wisdom broaden my worldly prosperity playground.
I now understand there are two types of “ism’s” either I breathe billionaire boldness beaming zillionaire zeal I sold my inventions for high pay expanding the universal lifestyle for all.
Or I sold my soul to corporate control allowing them to dictate my life turning off my innovative intuition to pay life tuition in there factory facilities.
I now let go of corporate control unlocks my innovative superstar magnetizing my canonized cash flow by high five-n my golden wisdom.
Expanding my “ism” kingdom unsheathes my individual innovation supply manifesto to say presto my preeminent -revolution-eyes-zing enterprising- sapience.
Tantalizes my opulent opportunity because I choose to be the ism of my life I stand up manifest my sired desires.
Since I am the manufacturing manifesto…-energizing- my inventive sage to strive and thrive inside a worldly new awareness “I sold my inventions.”
To the world for a price that is right for populace to experience a better life to ‘sveltely swell’ in the well of wealth now!!!
I have ball play “adventurous quarterback” in the universal Super Bowl enthralling golden wisdom lighting up my give it all got it all billionaire boldness.
Showing my -zillionaire zeal- invigorates the cosmopolitan cosmos with incredible sanguine marvelousness in the right way, in a loving way, under grace in a perfect way.
Because I choose to propose -parvenu venues- for people to express their intuitive individuality by ‘letting go’ of what they know in their “current frame of mind” expands their understanding.
Life is lived in the moment opens out this unknown proponent that wisdom slides and glides to me from the correlating cosmos and my daily adventures amplified by my sharp astute attitude.
I let go of giving a hoot what other people toot because I profusely refuse to live down to the stink of their think and the smell of their tell.
So now I soar as a spiritual commodore opening the door for my billionaire boldness to brilliantly innovating listening landscape initiating omnipotent newborn affluence.
Igniting robust energy brazenly optimize lionized discernment nuking the “epicenter of societies sheeple” serve the “ism of fascism, pessimism, and cynicism that says I sold my soul.”
To ‘corporate control’ is the stealth fascism of the trolling control of the innovation of the world with fascist fanaticism employs rabid crabby-eyed…egotistical insane of the herd absurdity.
The herd absurdity is now like a burp lots noise without any poise is now released like greased lightning as I zoom high five-n jive-n like enlivened beehive.
Waving my magic wand on the lawn at dawn portrays my cosmic rays of praise -yea-saying- my laudable liveliness audibilizing my lavish avalanches of liberated abundance.
To dance on my oceans of wealth today and every day in an opalescent opulent way as sashay in an omnipotent peaceful ardor to say I adore this day and every day with lissome love.
With a smile in my Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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