Frontiersman Brio on Dec13 2011

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My Frontiersman Brio Introduces My Pioneer Hero
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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Eye see my Frontiersman Brio introduces my pioneer hero showcases my confident caballero telling the world I am honourable vulnerable and unconquerable because when.
I am honourable I am hallowed omniscient naturally omnipotent unstoppable real appreciative boldly loving everything about my spiritual cruise to peruse the mysterious universe.
Cultivating-my rich utopian innovation speaking edified potentate prowess galvanizing vim and vigor to be triggers triumphant realizations I comprise the gallant gall to understand.
When I am vulnerable I am victoriously unstoppable loving new experiences revving-up astute brilliant listening expanding the internal entrepreneur unleashing my undefeatable chi.
Embellishes my omnipotence I am unconquerable unsheathing newborn credence opens new quantum quests unlocking emblazing reverences.
Aggrandizes my amazing bountiful luxury I experience in all facets of my life as I bask in sun having fun on all the worldly beaches in a royal rich way.
Because I am listening to my revered peerless prophet querying endearing heart to speak with honour and unshielded genius to further the wizardry wisdom in my sagacious counterpart.
Authorizing me to hear the wise words and pay attention to the mature body language that flowed in communication from within unlatched my swashbuckler seer to see.
I am open to expand my wisdom vitalizing my walk of fame authorizing my ornery oracle to be morally candid revealing my omnipotent regal nimbleness ennobles robust yea-sayer.
Because I fathom who I am setting free my warrior ways to amaze the world when I say when I am vulnerable unconquerable honourable.
Because I undefended my egotistical point of view to see new venue of shrewd smartness enters my instinctive landscape because I trust my adroit abilities.
To be a proponent of the moment listening, hearing and communicating profound astounding prudence that is produced by my, I am as new sapience is introduced.
To me in the immediate conversation to magnify my fortitude of eavesdropping on the wisdom of the world is my forthright nurturing nugget of wisdom.
Revealing another mystical yet realistic phenomenon enabling me to experience the heaven on earth magic of my divine destiny in the here the now.
Allows me to stand tall walk tall and show I have the balls to hear it all in keen serene serenity recognizing I walked away as a hall of fame listener.
I can express myself as a valiant undaunted liberator naturally energizing revolutionary audacious bold lively entrepreneurial visionary.
Unleashing lively new enterprising revelations amplifying bold straight shooter sapience from core commodore integrity as respect my terra-incognita.
Because I now understand honourable vulnerable and unconquerable opens me up to surrender my egotistical armor unlocking the prizewinning vault opening the door for me to adore.
My vehement ardor utopian life tantalizing my sired desires to sit right down and drink fine wine and lavish amounts of bread to relish my surf and turf extravaganza.
Because by land by sea or galaxy air I live inside and appreciate my lavish avalanches of copious abundance today and every day in a primo preeminent way and in Divine Order now.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Amy Lignor
Sherry Gilliam

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